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Direct Primary Care in Wickenburg

Truly Well Family Care provides a level of service that is unprecedented in traditional medical care. This is because of their innovative direct primary care model. Direct primary care helps Truly Well provide better care by removing all the barriers that were in place when it came to caring for their patients.

Direct Primary Care allows me to simply care for patients and not get lost in the formalities of Insurance requirements. To be able to wholeheartedly be patient centered.

– Denae

Direct Primary Care gives me the ability to spend more time with patients, put patient care first, have transparency for the patient in billing and pricing information and worry less about insurance demands that take time and don’t benefit the patient.

– Jena

We prioritize our patients’ health, value and convenience instead of a hospital’s bottom line. This represents a stark alternative to the surprise bills, barriers to care and high costs of healthcare’s disappointing status quo.

We utilize clearly-priced, membership-based primary care and discounted, cash-based specialty & surgical care. The mission is to help patients get the care they need from a trusted provider, when they need it, for a clear price, in a convenient manner. Our patients enjoy a superior care experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, affordability and convenience without restrictions, barriers or frustration.

Truly Well Office

The only care that is accessible to everyone

We do not discriminate against insurance plans. It is the only experience that is open to everyone, everywhere. Member experience is elevated by education, familiarity, convenience, and trust.

Service-driven leadership

Everything is centered around the provider & patient relationship. When people can connect free of barriers, great things happen. We believe that this is the best way to access great care. Our team consists of individuals that work everyday to lift up and support patients. We pride ourselves on knowing our patients and providing the best care that we can.

Denae Newman, FNP-C and Jena Savage, PA-C

How is Truly Well different?

Being a part of the FreedomDoc community, We are able to give you unprecedented access and convenience. Truly Well members benefit from low cost labs, generic medications, and medical imaging. 

You should not be burdened with the worry of … what if … when it comes to your family’s healthcare.

What if my child gets sick over the weekend?

What if I need a COVID test to get on a plane?

What if I am on vacation and I get a urinary tract infection?

What if my grandma is visiting and she has a cough?

What if I cut my hand while making dinner for my family?

Let us help take the worry out of these worrisome situations. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Call, text, arrange for an office visit or even a home visit. Their goal is to help you when and where you need it!

After years of working in insurance dictated primary care, they have found that the traditional healthcare system is broken. It is not patient focused, and the patient is often left not getting the care they need due to full provider schedules and limited time with their provider. They want to break that barrier. Truly Well’s mission is to provide easy, affordable, accessible healthcare to their members.

Truly Well Family Care will provide a different approach to healthcare. An approach that is focused on the patient and an ongoing relationship with their healthcare provider, not on insurance demands. Healthcare that is transparent in pricing so that unexpected bills are a thing of the past.  Access that allows for timely care when and where the patient needs it.


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Remember that at Truly Well, our providers are just a phone call, text or video chat away 24/7!


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